Daycare Devastation: Our Wonderful Center is Closing

Written by Erin Hill. Posted in Diaper Duty

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It was a sad day on Monday when I found out our beloved daycare was closing. I’m not getting into details, but it was sudden, frustrating and devastating.

Months before he was born, we searched for a daycare facility for Lincoln and our friend lead us to our current center. It was beautiful, the teachers were nice and affectionate, and even though I was so sad to leave him when I went back to work, I knew quickly this was going to be a great place for him to grow.

Among the other things Adam and I liked about the place, we often said that Lincoln having the opportunity to grow in a place up until he’s ready for kindergarten was awesome and really something we wanted. We wanted him to know all the teachers there and grow up with kids who he may have known well into junior high and high school.

That’s not happening now. The children and the teachers are all displaced and hurrying to find a proper place to go before our center closes on April 20. I’m sure some kids will end up at the same centers around town and maybe we’ll even see some of our favorite teachers again, but this is a blow.  I’m sad that Lincoln won’t be with all the friends he’s made. I’m sad he won’t have the teachers we’ve come to know and love anymore.

No matter what new center we picked, I felt like it wouldn’t be the best. Our current center is the best – no matter what the reason for its closing. We were not prepared to have to make this search and decision again and especially with this time limit.

We have found a place for him to go that we feel is comparable, though, and we’re happy. We are feeling lucking. Of the 12 places I called, nine were full until at least July. I started thinking we’d be forced to settle – which I wouldn’t have done. Linc needs to be in a place that deserves him – no exceptions.

I know eventually I’ll probably get over this, and we’ll be just fine with the nice teachers at this new center. I know Lincoln will make new friends and have a good ol’ time. But, right now, it feels like such a loss.

What do you do, though, when you need the best for your child and it looks like that’s not available? We were lucky with this, but what if we’re faced with a teacher in elementary school that’s just awful or something else that’s out of our hands? I of course, like all of you, would fight with all I have to give him the best, but I think at some point, something may come around that we can’t fix. I HATE when people make decisions for me. How rude!

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt or were actually powerless when it came to your child’s well-being and happiness?


Erin Hill is a first-time mom to Lincoln, who was born in January 2010. She's learning as she goes and is experiencing everything a new mom goes through while seeing the humor, irony, and enjoyment in her adventures.

Erin is a full-time technical writer and features freelance writer in her "spare time." She lives in Plum with Lincoln, her husband, Adam, their dog, Roxie, and five (yes, five) cats, Nirvana, Gary Roberts, Elvis, Talbot and Forrest.

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